Knights of Honor

A Sir Jean Termonde Novel

For the two French knights, Sir Jean and Sir Maurice, the twist of fate began with a request from the French crown to use their past experience with the Avignon popes to persuade the present pope to pay taxes. Their success led to their French trade mission to Italy and interface with the leaders of the city-states. Sir Maurice was instructed by Duke Chatillon, his father, to follow in his footsteps leading to the mayoral position of a French city. Sir Jean was nominated for the role of French ambassador to Italy stationed in Rome. In his unique and intuitive fashion, he became embroiled with dangers and intrigues including Italian city-states vying for territory, a battle royal for control of southern Italy led by an Avignon pope-sponsored French force, the war with England, and the pirate threat in the Mediterranean. He winds up navigating   the turbulence with tact and daring initiatives with the aid of Sir Maurice, a dashing English captain turned French privateer, a legendary mercenary, a Roman cardinal, and a schooled spy.