Loiacono Literary Agency – Press Release

Now available! Daniel C. Lorti’s sequel to The Avignon Legacy, Knights of Honor!

In Knights of Honor, Sir Jean Termonde and Sir Maurice Chatillon, two decorated knights of valor who saved the Vatican in Avignon, continue to discover adventure and disorder on missions for the French Crown. Comradery turns much more serious as Sir Maurice is passed the torch of governing Arles, France as mayor, while Sir Jean is appointed ambassador of France in a not so peaceful Italy. Intriguing politics, including Italian city-states vying for territory, a battle royal for control of Southern Italy led by an Avignon pope-sponsored French force, a war with England, and an increasing pirate threat in the Mediterranean are only the beginning. Ambassador Termonde and Sir Maurice navigate the turbulent times with daring initiatives and bold tact, aided by Captain Axe (a dashing English captain turned French privateer), a legendary mercenary, a Roman cardinal, and a novice spy.

Loiacono Literary Agency – Press Release

Argus Publishing has acquired Daniel C. Lorti’s first in the Jim Factor novels, The Missing Factor!

Jim Factor is a successful arms dealer living in Southern California with clients and customers in Europe and the Middle East. Warned by a recent associate that he is marked for death by a Bulgarian arms manufacturer and dealer with whom he had been working with on a multi-million-dollar illegal arms deal.

To protect his wife, Factor leaves without notice for San Francisco to acquire a false identity and new skills until he can acquire fake passports to attempt to take back his previous life.

Unbeknownst to Factor, his wife has hired a persistent private investigator and the Russian mafia is going to let the PI lead them directly to him. An easy kill, or so they think. He’s about to pursue the source and it will lead to a world-wide path and bloody conflicts.

Daniel C. Lorti is a former aerospace engineer with military sensors, weapons, and intelligence background, and a Chief Radar Engineer for the Northrop Grumman Corporation for many years. In 1995, he was appointed to President Clinton’s twenty-member conference committee for Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland. As an international arms broker, he conducted business in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The Avignon Legacy, the story of a centuries-old missing papal treasure, was his first published novel. The Missing Factor is the beginning of a series of Jim Factor novels. The Business End, the sequel, follows the exploits of Jim Factor as he negotiates and learns to cope with the dangerous world of Russia’s mafia organizations.