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To My Correspondents:

Please read the following comments and notes prior to writing me as it will save us both time. If you have a question, please read the website biography since the answer may be there all along.

If you have sent me an email and not received a reply, it is because you are among a number of people and it takes me time to respond to all of you.

Please do not send attachments, I never open them. Do not add me to mailing lists.

Those with invitations to events should email them to me at danielclorti@nullaol.com.

To those who wish to buy film, dramatic or television rights to my books should contact my agent or my publisher:

  • Loiacono Literary Agency
  • 1461 Harris Ridge Road
  • Young Harris, GA 30582
  • (912) 230-2207
  • Argus Enterprises International
  • W & B Publishers
  • 9001 Ridge Hill Street
  • Kernersville, NC 27284
  • (336) 354-7173

With those comments behind me, I would love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Daniel C. Lorti

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