Lorti-615Daniel Lorti was born in New York City, moved to Englewood, NJ at an early age and attended St. Cecilia, a parochial school, where the nuns pounded English, math and science into him. He states the bruises faded but the education remained. After high school he enlisted into the Air Force where his aptitude tests landed him into electronics as an auto tracking radar specialist. Upon discharge he attended Arizona State University where, after three years, he graduated with a B.S.E. (summa cum laude) and an M.S.E. He declared a need to make up for lost time.

He went into the aerospace industry and intelligence community developing an expertise in radars, particularly bistatic radar, and weapon systems. In 1980, with partners, founded XonTech, Inc., a company performing highly specialized functions for the Defense Department, the services and industry. In 1985, He joined Northrop as Chief Radar Engineer involved with, what else, sensors that included laser radar and weapon systems. It included international travel and interface with the European defense industry and, in turn, to the Middle East brokering defense products.

In 1995, he was appointed to President Clinton’s twenty-member Committee for Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland while General Manager of an aerospace company. He then became involved in the brokering of defense products in the Pacific Rim operating with a partner out of Bangkok, Thailand. In 2003, with his partners, sold XonTech, a company that had grown to over 500 employees, to Northrop Grumman. He professes to a passion for writing, travel, bridge and golf.

He has written six novels; The Missing Factor, The Avignon Legacy, The Mulligan, The Business End, Knights of Honor, and Knights in Action. He lives in Newport Beach, California.