After selling his company, Daniel Lorti decided to start writing a movie screenplay surmising there was always a demand for a good storyline. However, after eighteen months and ‘numerous’ attempts to generate interest including query letters, screenwriting conferences, and seminars, he decided to switch to novels. Declaring to any listener that his professional life and experiences could be better exploited in a written medium without boundaries (within reason), he first novel was The Missing Factor. The genre style swung to action-adventure traversing a myriad of countries abroad that encompassed the serious arms dealing factions existing today in the U.S., Russia and Bulgaria who were enticed by continuing demands from Central Africa and Columbia.

Those who read the manuscript gave it high grades for plot, action, detail and characterization. However, history repeated itself and Lorti found himself once more with a manuscript and no literary takers.

Undaunted by the lack of responses except to concede a change in genre might be sorely needed, he began writing a historical fiction novel. Since research was engrained in his genes from his days as an analyst for defense and intelligence agencies, and he had firsthand knowledge of France and Avignon’s history, a beginning of a mystery that started in the 14th century commonly referred to as the Middle Ages with knights, civil unrest and religious conflict, would find its culmination in the 21st century with no less daring and persistent adventurers. Upon completion, queries were once again launched into the Ethernet.

While waiting optimistically but resolved not to let the grass or weeds grow under his feet, Lorti had a third genre in mind and so, The Mulligan, a romantic fantasy was initiated. As it was in the throes of completion, he received a smattering of positive responses and one declared their love and threw their hat in the ring. Thus, a relationship with the Loiacono Literary Agency, Irving, Texas, was consummated.

Lorti’s fourth novel, The Business End, is a sequel to the first Jim Factor novel, The Missing Factor, and takes the reader into the shadowy world of arms dealing and the Russian mafia organizations vying for power and dominance.

Lorti’s fifth novel, Knights of Honor, is a sequel to the well-received historical fiction novel, The Avignon Legacy, set in the 14th century, the medieval ages. It takes the two knights, Sir Jean and Sir Maurice, through dealings with the French crown through dangers and intrigues involving France, England and Italy. Lorti has completed his sixth novel, Knights in Action, the third in the Jean Termonde series.